Before each Skill Test and Examiner Assessment of Competence except for the issue of an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (see information bellow), the applicant shall be recommended for the test by the organisation / person responsible for the training, once the training is completed by submitting Application format least 5 working days before planned test by e-mail to:

To apply for Airline Transport Pilot Licence Skill Test the applicant shall submit Application form (ATPL(A) or ATPL(H)) at least 5 working days before planned test by e-mail to:

Skill Tests and Examiner Assessments of Competence shall be performed only after receiving permission from CAA of Latvia. There is no CAA permission needed for Proficiency check.
The Examiner is not allowed to enter any new rating in the licence after passed Skill Test or Examiner Assessment of Competence. The Examiner may only enter the revalidated or renewed rating in the pilot’s licence if the rating is still included in the licence.


According to FCL.1030(b)(3) Examiners holding Examiners Certificate issued by Latvian CAA after completion of the Skill Test or Proficiency Check shall submit without delay scanned PDF copies of the Skill test report by e-mail to:

If the Examiner has entered revalidated or renewed rating in the pilot’s licence the copies of the documents referred to above shall also be accompanied by a copy of the scanned pilot licence with the entered record.

Note: Please ensure that you send good quality scanned PDF copies when sending the information via e-mail.

The Examiner shall complete report on the Skill Tests and Proficiency Checks of the current month and submit the file in XLS format by e-mail to

On the 17th of March 2015 the new Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2015/445 amending Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew becomes applicable. As a consequence of this holders of an Examiners Certificate issued by any EASA and affiliated States other than Latvia shall not conduct Skill Tests, Proficiency Checks or Assessments of Competence of the Latvian licence holders, unless he / she have reviewed the latest available information containing the relevant national procedures of the Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia. This information can be found in The Examiner Differences Document published on the EASA website.

In accordance with FCL.1030(b)(3)(iv) by filling in the Latvian Skill Test, Proficiency Check or Assessment of Competence form of Latvia Examiner shall declare that he / she has reviewed and applied the Latvian specific administrative procedures.


Personal licensing

Form File
11.6 Flight instr. renewal (A)
11.7. PPL (H)
11.8. CPL (H)
11.9. IR(H )
11.12. Instructor helicoper
Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)
SP Single Pilot
TRE, SFE Assessment Of Competence
TRI, SFI Assessment Of Competence
IR(A) multi-engine single-engine
11.2.CPL (A)
10.3.1 Application Form for Skill tests
Application and Report Form for the Instructor Assessment of Competence (FI, IRI, CRI)
FOR EXAMINERS Application form for Part-FCL Examiner Certificate, Aeroplane or Helicopter
FOR EXAMINERS: Application process for Examiner Certificate
FOR EXAMINERS: Examiner activity report
LAPL(B) and BPL skill test
MP Multi Pilot & SP Single Pilot High Performance
Examiner Designation to Conduct ATPL(H) Skill Test
Examiner Designation to Conduct ATPL(A) Skill Test
SP_MP Helicopter
MP Multi Pilot & SP Single Pilot High Performance (PBN)
List of examiners