Pilns lidojumu drošības biļetenu saraksts oficiālais saraksts ir pieejams Eiropas Aviācijas drošības aģentūras (EASA) mājas lapā:

Zemāk minētajā tabulā ir uzskaitītas tikai tās lidotspējas direktīvas, kuras potenciāli var ietekmēt Latvijas Republikā reģistrētos gaisa kuģus.Šim sarakstam ir tikai informatīvs raksturs. Oficāla informācija ir EASA mājas lapā .


Izdevējs Dokumenta Nr. Nosaukums Spēkā no Fails
EASA 2009-39R1 Contaminated Halon 1211 (BFC) and 1301 (BTM) Supplies 10.11.2011
FAA NE-06-31R5 Engine Lubricating Oils 19.10.2011
EASA 2011-22 Ground and Airbone Icing 01.12.2011
EASA 2011-17 Disassembly of Engines following In-Flight Shutdown with Indication of Critical Part Failur 19.07.2011
FAA SW-11-31R1 Honeywell MK XXII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System 19.07.2011
EASA 2011-20 S Transponder - Incorrect ’Downlink Aircraft Identification’ and Incorrect Operation with Airport Ground Tracking Systems 15.07.2011
EASA 2011-15 Mode S Transponder: Ground Testing 04.07.2011
FAA CE-11-42 Flight Controls – Control Cable / Pulley Inspections 29.06.2011
EASA 2011-18 Techtest Ltd. Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) – Marking and Training Considerations 15.06.2011
EASA 2011-16 Teledyne Continental Ignition Systems (formely Bendix) - Magneto Capacitor Installlation 08.06.2011
FAA SW-11-39 FreeFlight systems (formely Trimble) 2000 and 2101 Approach (series GPS navigation units 31.05.2011
FAA CE-11-37 Piper PA-44-180 & Cessna 172R and S Aeroplqanes – Engine oil filter interference 01.12.2011
FAA CE-11-36 Flight Controls – Frayed Aileron Cables 01.06.2011
EASA 2011-11 A reliable approach to rigging a sailplane 20.07.2011
EASA 2010-17R4 Flight in Aispace with contamination of Volcanic Ash 24.05.2011
EASA 2011-10 Loose Equipment in the Flight Compartment and on Glare Shields 26.01.2012
FASA 2011-09 Pilot Response to Propeller Overspeed in Piston Engine Aeroplanes 17.05.2011
EASA 2011-01R1 Unleaded Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) UL 91 17.06.2011
EASA 2010-30R1 Risks in Transporting Lithium Batteries in Cargo by Aircraft 31.03.2011
EASA 2011-03 Advisory Vertical Guidance 24.03.2011
EASA 2010-21R2 Activation of the “European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service” (EGNOS) 24.03.2011
EASA 2011-04 Nuclear Emergency in Japan 22.03.2011
EASA 2010-26R1 Potential Performance Degradation of Anti-icing Fluids – Reduced Holdover Times 23.02.2011
FAA SW-11-15 Carbon Monoxide Detectors 06.01.2011
FAA CE-11-14 Stabilizers- Vertical Stabilizer on Piper PA-28, PA-32, PA-34 Forward Attach Point Corrosion 05.01.2011
FAA CE-11-13 Wings - Piper PA-28, PA-32, PA-34 Forward Spar Corrosion 05.01.2011
FAA CE-11-12 Wings - PA-28, PA-32, PA-34, and PA-44 Rear Spar Corrosion at Fuselage Attach Fitting 05.01.2011
FAA CE-11-11 Wings - Piper PA-28, PA-32, and PA-34 Aileron Hinge Fitting Corrosion 05.01.2011
FAA CE-11-10 Wings - Piper PA-28, PA-32, PA-34, and PA-44 Corrosion on Flap Hinges, Brackets, and Ribs 05.01.2011
EASA 2011-01 Unleaded Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) UL91 21.01.2011
EASA SIB 2007-01R1 Use of Automotive Gasoline (Mogas) containing Bio-Ethanol Print 01.12.2011
SB-18 Rev A Aircraft Carburetors LLC SB-18 Loose mixture sleeves - Before further flight - Avoid serious risk of injury or dead. 14.10.2010
EASA 2010-03 Carburetor Icing Prevention 13.10.2010
EASA 2010-28 Possible effects of Thickened Anti-icing Fluids on Take off Rotation for Airplanes with Unpowered Elevator Controls 17.09.2010
EASA 2010-26 Potential Performance Degradation of Anti-icing Fluids Reduced Holdover Times 14.09.2010
EASA 2010-25 Cabin Oxygen Mask Service Recommendations from Original Equipment Manufacturers,and Cabin Oxygen Masks with B/E Aerospace In-line Flow Indicators Part Number (P/N) 118023-02 27.08.2010
EASA 2011-11 A reliable approach to rigging a sailplane 25.05.2011
EASA SIB 2012-02 Continental (L)TSIO-360 Engines - Air Reference Tube failures 05.01.2012
FAA CE-12-14 Three Alternative Methods of Compliance for AD 2011-10-09 25.01.2012
EASA AD 2012-0019-E Engine Oil – Oil Pump and Attachment Bolts – Inspection 26.01.2012
EASA AD 2012-0012 AIRBUS A318, A319, A320 and A321 aeroplanes 23.01.2012
EASA SIB 2012-06 Defective Standard Hardware – MS21042, NAS1291 and LN9338 Self-Locking Nuts, and NAS626 Bolts 22.03.2012
EASA SIB 2012-08 Rockwell Collins TDR-94/TDR-94D Transponders – Erroneous Vertical Rate Information 03.05.2012
EASA AD 2012-0075-E Powerplant – Turbocharger and Intercooler Hoses – Replacement 30.04.2012
FAA 2012-20111202019 Unapproved Parts Notification (UPN) No.: 2012-20111202019 - Think Big Products, LLC (LivingXL, Casual Male) Airplane Seat Belt Extenders 27.04.2012
EASA SIB 2011-01R2 Unleaded Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) UL 91 10.05.2012
EASA SIB 2012-04 L´Hotellier Ball and Swivel Joints Quick Connectors – Positive Check of Control Surfaces 15.03.2012
FAA CE-12-36 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Aeroplanes - Improperly Installed Ailerons Print 20.06.2012
EASA SIB 2012-12 Notification of Unapproved Parts due to theft Print 28.06.2012
EASA SIB 2012-11 Tyre Specification(s) and Installation 27.06.2012
FAA 2012-20111019001 Chelton Avionics, Inc. (dba Wulfsberg Electronics Division) Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) – Removal from service of certain subcomponents and brackets 16.05.2012
EASA 2012-06R1 Defective Standard Hardware – MS21042, NAS1291 and LN9338 Self-Locking Nuts, and NAS626 Bolts 07.08.2012
EASA SIB 2012-13 Improved protection of balloon basket occupants during firm landings Back to the list of ADs 03.08.2012
EASA SIB 2012-14 Improving the safety of aiders on the ground when relocating an inflated hot air balloon 03.08.2012
FAA UPN-2012-20111122003 Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems (ACSS) Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems 06.08.2012
FAA CE-12-41 Cessna (incl. formerly Reims Aviation) 177, F177, 182, F182, 206, 207, 210, 337 and F337 Series Aeroplanes – Flight Control Column Loose Glide Screw 14.08.2012
RHC SB-85 R44 Service bulletin 31.08.2012
EASA SIB 2013-01 Notification of Unapproved Parts due to thef 17.01.2013
EASA SIB 2010-17R5 Flight in Airspace with Contamination of Volcanic Ash 11.03.2013
EASA SIB 2008-19R2 Catalytic Oxidation of Aircraft Carbon Brakes due to Runway De-Icers 23.04.2013
FAA UPN-2013-20130110003 Airplane Seatbelt Extender on Commercial Aircraft 16.08.2013
FAA 2013-18 Laundering of Scrapped Jet Engine Parts Print 16.10.2013
EASA 2011-27R1 Suspect (Bogus - Counterfeit) Electronic Components 05.12.2013
EASA 2014-01 Cessna – Supplemental (Structural) Inspection Programmes 07.01.2014
CASA 2014-01 Galley or Lavatory water heater Overheat 28.01.2014
EASA 2008-59R1 Turboshaft-engine Powered Rotorcraft - Engine In-Flight Shutdown due to Ice and Snow Ingestion 10.02.2014
FAA NE-14-13 Lycoming Engines – Possible Failure of thru-Studs and/or Cylinder Mount Studs 25.03.2014
EASA SIB 2014-XX Unapproved Parts Notification – 100 Half Size Carts (HS Carts) part number (P/N) TH003-A01, serial numbers (S/N) TH003702-TH003801
EASA 2013-0020R4 Equipment & Furnishings – Safety Belts / Torso Restraint Systems – Inspection / Replacement 11.07.2014
EASA SIB 2014-34 Possible Exceedance of Engine Temperature Limits of BRP-Powertrain Rotax 912 and 914 Engines 23.12.2014
EASA SIB 2009-28R1 Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder Systems Serviceability 08.01.2015
FAA SW-15-08 Robinson R44 Helicopters – Main Rotor Blades 23.02.2015
FAA SAIB CE-15-10 Eaton (Aeroquip) 800 series Fuel, Oil, or Hydraulic Fluid Hoses 06.03.2015
FAA NM-15-11 Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System 31.03.2015
EASA SIB 2015-14 Suspected Unapproved Parts Notification 28.07.2015
FAA Continued Airworthiness Notification CMI IO-520, TSIO-520, IO-550, or IOF-550 engines 24.08.2015
Aeros Ltd. N0 Peculiarities of the wings with trilam leading edge.
Aeros Ltd. N7 Aeros factory recommend you to conduct annual check up of your flying equipment. 19.05.2009
Aeros Ltd. N10 Attention pilots flying Aeros hang gliders 28.04.2011
CASA CASA 2016-14 Piper PA-28 Control Column Tee Bar Assembly Cracking and Failure 09.12.2016